Q. Where do you hide money from a hippie?

A. Inside the soap!

Q. What’s the best way to support crypto currencies?

A. Spend them! Crypto currencies are in a slight bubble right now because they are mostly speculative. If you believe, like we do, that they are the future then spend them! SoapWallet will spend all revenues on more products and other things you can buy with crypto currencies.

Q. What is the best way to get Dash or Litecoin?

A. There are many many ways, but the quickest and easiest is through Coinbase.com or Kraken.com

Q. What are the soaps made of?

A. All natural oils and lye. The molds were hand carved from clay and reproduced with Smooth-On silicone.

Q. Why only Litecoin and Dash?

A. Those are our favorite currencies and all that we have made molds for so far. If you would like to see another, feel free to contact us.

Q. Have you seen the private key of the wallets inside the soaps?

A. Technically yes.  However, we have taken every precaution to ensure that the wallet will have the coins as advertised.  We used a live version of Ubuntu one time to print 12 wallets on a dumb printer neither of which were connected to the internet.  We sell them with a small enough amount, that we lose the incentive to keep the coins or sweep them back.  We want to advance crypto currencies.  That is the mission here.

Q. What further plans do you have?

A. We will be doing a lottery soap soon.  Where there is different denominations in each soap, you could actually win some money.  We will also be doing bath bombs with and without wallets very soon.  We also plan to have a whole line of great soaps with manly and feminine scents and exfoliating ingredients.